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5 Authors I’ll Never Quit

Hey everybody! It’s another Wednesday, so that means I’m back with another blog post for you! After I wrote my Books I’d Be Stranded On An Island With post, I got to thinking….what if I could only read certain authors…forever? Who would I choose if I could only read 5 authors books and no others for the rest of my life? Well, keep reading, and you’ll find out!

Rick Riordan

We’re all new here, so you probably don’t know just how much I love Rick Riordan. But don’t worry! You’ll learn real quick! Rick Riordan holds a special place in my heart, and I will never get tired of his books. Plus, it also helps that he has a significant number of books, so it’s way less likely that I’ll get tired of his works any time soon, because I have so many to choose from!

Jennifer L Armentrout

This one might be a little surprising, but honestly, if you’ve hung around my twitter, you’ll know that I seriously love everything she’s written. Within this last year, she skyrocketed to a top place in my favorite authors list. Seriously, I’ve never read a book by her that I haven’t rated 5 stars. Plus, she ALSO has a very large collection of books in various age brackets, so it’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever tire of her books either.

Sarah J Maas

Yes, I know. I’m another reader who is absolutely obsessed with the Fae Queen….I’m not ashamed of it. What I love about Sarah’s works is that all of her worlds are so fully fleshed out. I can’t wait to read more in the Crescent City series, but I am also really obsessed with her Catwoman book, and I would LOVE to see her explore some more stand alone books!

Casey McQuiston

If you’ve ever read Red, White, and Royal Blue, then you’ll probably understand my adoration for Casey McQuiston. Even though I’ve only read one book by them (however, the amount of times I’ve read it will not be disclosed at this time), I know for a fact that I would devour anything they produced, and that is why One Last Stop is my absolute most anticipated book of 2021. If I had a magical button that would give me all of the books that Casey McQuiston would ever write all at once, I would press it and die happy in a book coma.

Ashley Poston

This one is probably a shock. It’s honestly a shock to me too, because I think that Ashley is severely underrated (even by me). As I was scrolling through my goodreads, looking for who to fit in this last spot, I came upon two five star books back to back: Geekerella, and Heart of Iron. And while I knew that both of these books were by Ashley Poston, it never really clicked in the RANGE that she has in her writing, and I knew that I had to pick her. Because both of these series are some of my favorites, and if she can switch up her game this much, I know I’ll never get bored!

If you had to limit yourself, what five authors would YOU choose?

Happy reading!


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