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TTT – Top Ten Quotes About Life

If you scroll through my blog, you’ll probably find that I have a….slight obsession with quotes. I love them. I made a year long planner where I had a quote for every single day. I scatter quotes where ever I can squeeze them in! So when I saw the prompt for this week, I got…

Taylor Swift – Album Tag!

Hey everybody! It’s been a hot minute, but now that I’m home from some vacation time, I’m ready to hit the ground running and I’m back to post some new content! It’s been quite some time since I’ve written an album tag, and with all of the hype around Taylor Swift right now, I figured…

Top Ten Tuesday – Spring Cleaning!

I got really excited when I read this prompt, but I know that I probably have a slightly different take on this one. There are a couple books that I love to reread that kindof give me a “mental reset.” Whatever it is about them, they make me happy and help me to control the…

Birthday Recommends!

Hey everyone! It’s officially my birthday month! In two short weeks, I’ll be turning 25, so today I’m going to be sharing with you my 25 favorite books, and a little about why I love them so much! These will be in no particular order, so don’t think I’m ranking these in any way! From…


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Hi! I’m Stephanie. I’m a recent theater graduate with a passion for good stories! Since I haven’t been able to pursue my theater passion (Thanks Rona!) I’ve started a blog to discuss all of the amazing stories I’ve read in quarantine and beyond! Thanks for stopping by, now stay and hang out for a bit!

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